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  1. (From CPOA National Operations Manual)

    2. Presidents Outstanding Chapter Award (POCA).

    a. Purpose: To recognize a chapter or chapters that best exemplifies the highest Dedication, Devotion and Tradition in meeting the aims and goals of the Association.

    b. Award in three categories: Small – 15 to 100, Medium – 101 to 200, Large – 201 and above.

    c. Award to be based on the following:

    (1) Articles to the Chief 2 pts per issue
    (2) Newsletter 4 issues 10 pts
    (3) Community Involvements
    (a) Coast Guard Involvement 2 pts each event
    (b) Municipal Involvement 1 pt each event
    (c) Financial Involvement 1 pt each – max 5 pts
    (4) Active Auxiliary Unit 2 pts
    (5) Active CGEA Branch 5 pts
    (6) Convention attendance
    a. Chapter Member 1 pt per session
    (7) CPOA Donations

    a. CCCAF 1 pt
    b. Building 1 pt
    c. Emergency Relief 1 pt
    (8) Dedicated fund raiser to # 7 2 pts each event – max 10 pts

    d. Award Criteria.

    (1) Community Involvement; that only projects that are truly coordinated chapter efforts that realize a significant impact on the Coast Guard Activity, Community, Organization or Individual you are assisting may be submitted. All projects must be fully documented
    with letters, news articles, photos, etc., and include an impact statement of the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Inadequate documentation may cause a project to be disallowed.

    (2) CPOAA Units and CGEA Branches must be active. Documentation of a minimum of quarterly meetings or other activity is required.

    (3) Financial donations made to the same organization will only be counted one time. Documentation is required.

    (4) Convention Attendance.

    (5) Fund raisers must be fully documented with letters, articles, photos, reports, etc.

    (6) Packages are due in National Office third Wednesday in July.

    e. Selection Process

    (1) The Board of Directors shall select one winner from each category.

    (2) Winning packages shall be presented to the Chapter Presidents in attendance for vote by secret ballot on the Chapter of the Year. Voting shall be based on the Chapter that best meets the aims and goals of the Association. Votes will be sent to the National President for tally and final determination.

    (a) Packages to the Chapter Presidents on Monday of Convention Week.
    (b) Vote Wednesday of Convention Week.
    (c) Presentation during Convention Dinner.

    f. Awards.

    (1) Cup for Outstanding Chapter

    (2) Plaques for Runners Up

    (3) Certificates for Participating Chapters

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