FEB Meeting

Our next CPOA meeting will be at the American Legion in Astoria on 13FEB2020 at 1400. Our local chapter will finalize a vote for the Presidential successor. So far MEC Cross has been nominated and is running unopposed. The email votes have poured in, however we intend to take role and vote in person. Hope to see you all there.


CPO Jamie E. Ryan

JAN Meeting

Wednesday Jan 15th at 1700, Fort George in Astoria.

Agenda will include finalizing CPOA President nominations, voting to be held in February.

DEC Meeting

Greetings ALL, 

CPOA meeting Wednesday, 11DEC2019 at 1500 at TAPS Espresso Grub & Pub

Astoria.  Assorted topics to include kids Christmas party.  See you there.

Very respectfully,

MKC Jamie Ryan


NOV Meeting

Changing location and time! November 14th, 1800, at Fort George in Astoria.

CPOA will provide a little food and drink compliments of the CPOA and provided by the Fort!

Bring your significant other! No Kids! Please!

Get signed up for the CPOA and pay your dues.

OCT Meeting

October 17th, Thursday, 1300 at Astoria American Legion.

From the President;


1300 Thursday 17 October at the Astoria American Legion, we will be having our monthly CPOA meeting. We have a lot to cover in terms of chapter business. We will take a vote on our Chapter involvement with the Heroes of the Sea 501 c3. If you have ideas or big goals for what you want to see our CPOA do for the community , or for our people bring them. The key to this is pushing further than seems attainable. If you have suggestion to by-laws verbiage that will protect our chapter please bring those suggestions. Regardless of our chapters involvement with the “Heroes of the Sea” we will remain autonomous. The partnership will be one that has the ability for our chapter to offer things that no other chapter can offer. Thanks for your consideration and attendance. See you there,

Lower Columbia River CPOA

Chapter President

AETCM Matthew Gerber

New Vice President!

SCPO Travis Marsh was relieved by CPO Jamie Ryan as LCR Chapter VP. Congratulations Chief Ryan!

Senior Chief Marsh recently advanced to E8 and will be transferring out of the area. Thank you for all your work and efforts for the CPOA, and supporting the Coast Guard and community!